Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Response to Still Alive

Yay, Vaskor is still alive. In response to that you should watch this video about being still alive.
Bonus points for everyone who knew what portal was.

Anyways, lately I have been woodcutting a lot and also mined my first two stars. Thanks to pie for inviting me to the first one. I even went to an evil tree that pie scoped out for me. Because of all my woodcutting I am almost three million xp away from 99. I went up to level 96.

I also finished up my puppy task, and then ran out of food, so started cooking up some monkfish I had fished, and realized why pie is getting 99 cooking. Because cooking is awesome,. after I cooked for a while I leveled up to 77 cooking.

After I cooked up my monkfish I continued slaying elves. After reducing the elf gene pool I leveled up to 64 slayer.

This is basically my runescape life, woodcutting and whatever else, then woodcutting again. Today in the comments besides saying if you know what portal is, just comment so I know if I have any followers! Thanks!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Hope I Won

This has been a great week for XP and for just plain fun. To start off this post I'll just show pictures of the beginning of the week XP and the end of the week XP. Good luck Zoorhana with our race!
This is the XP from the first of the week

And this is the XP at the end of the week.

 The grand total of XP I have earned this week is, drum roll please,  2,255,678! Wow that is crazy. I planned to play a lot during last week but real life got in the way. Luckily I was able to spend a lot of time during bonus XP weekend. Before the first time I logged out during the weekend I had earned over 500k bonus XP.

Before I talk about the bonus XP weekend anymore, I would like to talk about the rest of the week. I looked through all my skills and saw that Agility was the closest to a level. I looked up on the Runescape Wiki about the Werewolf Agility Course, and saw that it had a "Death Slide." That sold it for me to go to it right then and there. As I was "Agilifying" I was talking to Pie about the course, and she said she had never been there. That surprised me that an agility master, someone with a cape with a guy on it, hadn't taken a picture like this.
Yes I am hanging by my teeth with an automatic yell coming out of my mouth, and it wasn't garbled at all. Because I thought that the werewolf course was pretty cool I stuck around and got Agility to 62, then to 63.

Then I looked through my list of quests and saw that I had started Devious Minds but never completed it because of the high Smithing requirement. Because I had time to waste I decided to Cannonball my way up one more level, and the cash is always nice too. I bought enough steel bars, and ectophialed to Port Phasmatys. Then I kept Smithing until I went up a Smithing level.

Because I had all the levels I had to do Devious Minds. I made the sword bow, went through the Abyss for the first time to Entrana, and helped kill monks? I hate being used in Runescape quests, it seems to happen to me a lot, like in Regicide. After I told Sir Tiffy about my misdeeds, I took this picture.

Woot Runecrafting XP, I'm going to level without training! Sometime. Maybe. Hopefully. Anyways throughout the week I prepared for the XP weekend, darn I brought it up again too soon, by doing farming runs. Besides making lots of cash, and visiting the sunbathing tool leprechaun, I got lots of XP. Which ended up with me getting up Farming.

Now I can plant Belladonna, who cares. Seriously what is night shade good for? Besides doing Farming to prepare, I also did Slayer. I was a wuss and took out the cannon to do some fast Slayer at Dagger Mouths, and big red puppies. I ended up with these two levels from those trips.

I also got 63 prayer mainly from XP lamps.

I also thieved safes at the rogues den to get gems for crafting for the XP weekend. which led to this.

Last but not least, before XP weekend, I went up a Woodcutting level from Pie's inspiration.

Also at the time of the writing of this blog I am 200k from 95. Now it is time to talk about double xp weekend. I was kind of unprepared in the Summoning part of my weekend. I had forgotten to buy a Kyatt pouch, but I bought one from a kind person in Castle Wars. To start off my weekend I did the circus, then tagged all of my trees which brought on these levels.

Then I went straight into Herblore, at the grand exchange. I made Prayer, Super Restore, Super Attack, and Super Defense Potions. All of that gave me these levels.

Then I started cutting Gems to get up my Crafting level. After cutting them I ectophialed to Port Phasmatys and made necklaces and rings. I didn't know how many levels I would get from all that, but I ended up with these.

Then I teleported via ring of dueling to castle wars and made terrorbird pouches, stranger plants, and Octopus like things. Which gave me these cool pictures.

Then I teleported to Varrock and smithed a lot of steel bars and got up Smithing one more level.

I then teleported back to Castle Wars and started getting rid of all their ivy one leaf at a time. Until Next Time! or Something like that.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Race with Zoorhana

Zoorhana and I are having a race to see who can earn the most xp during this week, until Saturday at midnight. Right now my total xp is at . . . . .
 Pretty sweet right? Okay, it is really not that high. Because I am busy with the race here are just a ton of pictures I have taken since the last time I blogged about me.























Thanks for reading my boring blog.